About Our Program

Blossom Musik proudly presents Kindermusik: a music and movement program unlike any other.  Kindermusik classes are specifically designed for your child’s developmental stage, featuring activities that support and nurture all areas of your child’s development; physical, emotional, social, and cognitive.

 Along with being fun and engaging, Kindermusik is educational and will give your child a fundamental appreciation of music starting from an early age.  With the help of the at-home materials, your child can continue the learning from class at home and bring the joy of music to the family.

Benefits of Kindermusik

All over the world, parents bond with their babies through musical sounds and rhythmic movement. They rock and swing their children, put them to sleep with lullabies, make them laugh with nursery rhymes. Parents know instinctively what scientists have now proven: young children thrive on music.

Music Matters

Psychologists, neuroscientists, and experts in early childhood development have demonstrated that music does more for children than bring them joy; it helps their brain cells make the connections needed for virtually every kind of intelligence. Kindermusik’s curriculum is built on this research.

 When young children are consistently engaged by music in an age-appropriate, socially accepting environment, they benefit at many levels:


Blossom Musik

Located in the Hamilton/Ancaster area - this Kindermusik program is ideally situated for families from Ancaster, Binbrook, Dundas, Hamilton, Waterdown, Burlington and surrounding areas. Our classes are held virtually or in-person by a trained, licensed Kindermusik educator who will joyfully guide the class from one activity to the next and help you understand what your child is learning musically, cognitively, and developmentally. 

Classes are 30 minutes, featuring research-based curricula and Kindermusik@Home Materials to enhance every area of your child’s development and instill a lifelong love for music – all the while giving you time together and memories you’ll treasure forever.

Sessions with Blossom Musik run for 4 or 8 weeks. Our monthly payment plan means that your fees are now payable in monthly payments from the first day of class. Remember that there is also a discount for siblings too!

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