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Welcome to Blossom Musik, offering music & movement classes for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and the whole family! It is my privilege to share this musical experience with our community and create an enriching and fun class for your family to grow and bond together. Request for a free trial class is available at the discretion of Blossom Musik dependent on class openings and location.


It is very important that your child attends each week and that a parent or caregiver participates whole-heartedly for the entirety of the class.  It is essential to encourage your child to explore & create safely and in their own individual way.  This will help to create a comfortable learning environment for your child and motivate them to join in and get the most out of their Blossom Musik experience.

Happy & Healthy Classroom

We all know exactly where instruments go in a baby and toddler class - straight into your little one's mouth! In Miss Amy’s, we encourage this form of exploration. You can be assured that after each and every class our instruments are sprayed with a baby-friendly, non-toxic mixture to ensure that germs

are not spread, and our instruments are safe for the next child to explore with.

We recognize that Blossom Musik is a special time each week for you and your child. However, if you suspect you or your child are ill, PLEASE STAY HOME where everyone is more comfortable and germs will not be spread. You are always welcome to attend a makeup class after everyone is feeling better. Maintaining a healthy classroom requires involvement of the educators as well as our families. Together, we can maintain a healthy environment

Food & Drink

Food and drinks that are brought to class are distracting and cause health concerns due to allergies. For these reasons, we have a strict no food or drink policy. However, you are welcome to take your child away from teaching area for food and drink at any time. We have a very open policy for both feeding & changing your baby. Whether you breast-feed or bottle-feed, you are welcome to feed your baby right here in the classroom, however you are comfortable. The same applies to diaper changing but please ensure a change pad is used.

Inclement Weather &
Instructor Illness

In the event that a class may need to be cancelled due to teacher illness or inclement weather, a make-up class will be scheduled. In the event of inclement weather, we will follow the Hamilton Wentworth School Board's decision on school closings, unless we contact you otherwise. Please check with local news for school closures. In the event that a class needs to be canceled, we will send you an email and post the cancellation on social media (FB & IG). Please ensure that your email address is up-to-date.

In the event of inclement weather (heavy rain, hail, snow, high winds or extreme temperatures), outdoor classes will either be postponed and a make-up class will be scheduled by the program operator or we may take class indoors at a close by alternative location. This will be communicated through email as well as social media.


Due to the delicacy of the infant/toddler class setting, older children do not attend class.  We realize that sometimes older siblings may be out of school during our class times.  Please email your instructor to arrange a visit, so that your older child can be included as her helper.​


Your enrollment holds your child's place in class for the entire 4 week session.   Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!  Should you need to withdraw for any reason please contact Miss Amy for refund or class credits depending on the situation and agreed resolution.


By purchasing any of Blossom Musik's services, you are agreeing to the terms set out in this policy.

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